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Senior Care Services in Acworth, GA

Personalized in-home senior care services in Acworth, GA and surrounding areas


“We love A1 Active Care, they made my mother feel safe at home. The staff there is reliable, respectful, and trained. If you want your family to feel safe, A1 Active Care is the one.” – Malique J.


Personal Care in Acworth, GA

A1 Active Care is committed to delivering exceptional personal care services, and here's why you can rely on us to care for your loved one:


At A1 Active Care, based in Acworth, GA, we firmly believe in fostering autonomy and dignity, by delivering bespoke services to seniors and individuals requiring support. We provide a diverse array of aid, ranging from personal grooming and movement assistance to meal creation, all facilitated by our kind-hearted and professional caregivers. We follow a tailored approach, designing care strategies to cater to unique requirements, along with scheduling flexibility. We prioritize respect, dignity, and privacy as the foundation of our services in Acworth, GA. Don’t hesitate to connect with us for additional details about our services dedicated to elderly care.

Our Personal Care Services in Acworth, GA Cover the following:

bathing for seniors









Stand-by Assist

Medication Reminders


Companion Care in Acworth, GA

Embrace a Better Life with Our Senior Companion Services in Acworth


Our Senior Companion Services in Acworth, GA are established with a commitment to uphold the independence and dignity of seniors, providing a combination of personal and professional care that positively influences your family’s wellbeing. We extend services focused on enhancing emotional wellness, mitigating loneliness, improving quality of life through interpersonal interactions, and providing support to families. Caregivers are assigned based on the requirements and hobbies of your loved ones, ensuring flexible scheduling for your convenience. Acworth Senior Companionship Care provides a myriad of support, including engaging dialogues, leisure activities, community trips, and emotional assistance. Reach out to us to understand how we can enrich the life of your loved one.

light housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

help at home for elderly

Attentive Listening

meal prep for seniors

Meal Preparation

Social Connection






Respite Care in Acworth, GA



Our Respite Care services in Acworth, GA prioritize your well-being as a committed family caregiver, offering high-grade, empathetic temporary care for your loved one while you take a well-deserved break. Our services aim to prevent caregiver burnout, preserve a balanced lifestyle, and invigorate your caregiving journey. With adaptable scheduling, personalized care plans, and seamless transitions, we guarantee your loved one benefits from constant, exceptional care. Our services range from personal care, home organization, and companionship, to professional nursing. Connect with us to explore how we can fortify your caregiving experience.

Skilled Nursing Care in Acworth, GA

Comprehensive Skilled Nursing Care Services in Mableton, GA


A1 Active Care is committed to delivering top-tier skilled nursing care for seniors in their Acworth, GA homes. Our team of highly trained registered and licensed practical nurses provides a range of services, encompassing medication management, wound care, and vital signs tracking. We formulate care plans customized to each client’s particular medical requirements, and our nurses team up with your healthcare providers for comprehensive care. Contact us for expert, compassionate nursing services offered in your loved one’s home.


Medicaid Waiver Assistance in Acworth, GA

Home Care Under CCSP, SOURCE, and SFC


A1 Active Care in Acworth, GA is a trustworthy provider of personalized, superior-quality care under the CCSP, SOURCE, and SFC Medicaid waiver programs. Our objective is to amplify our client’s quality of life in the comfort of their homes. Our skilled team collaborates with you to devise care plans that address your specific needs, offering a variety of scheduling choices. Have faith in our compassionate caregivers, who undergo rigorous screening and continuous training, ensuring excellent care under various programs, including the Veterans Spouses programs.


A1 Active Care, headquartered in Roswell, GA, serves Greater Atlanta and surrounding communities. A1 Active Care provides in-home senior care services in Atlanta as a state licensed Personal Home Care Provider licensed by the State of Georgia Healthcare Facility Regulation (HFR) division of the Department of Community Health (DCH), as a Personal Home Care Provider that also can provide skilled nursing services.

A1 Active Care is dedicated to delivering outstanding home care services throughout Acworth, GA, and surrounding communities. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare field, our bonded and insured agency offers an extensive range of medical and non-medical services to support our client’s independence and overall well-being. Trust A1 Active Care to provide empathetic, personalized care designed to meet your loved one’s needs, ensuring their safety and comfort at home.
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Premier Home Health Care Services in Acworth, GA

Committed Personal Care in Acworth

At A1 Active Care Acworth, GA, our core mission is to deliver services that uphold the autonomy and respect of those we care for. Our Personal Care in Acworth revolves around ensuring the needs of our clients are met through meticulous attention to personal hygiene, assistance with mobility, and meal preparation. With our compassionate and seasoned professionals, we take pride in delivering customized care plans that fit the unique circumstances of each individual. Our scheduling is adaptable to accommodate your requirements, making our services accessible whenever you need them.

Engaging Companion Care in Acworth

We believe in the importance of emotional health and social connections for seniors. That’s why our Companion Care in Acworth offers a comprehensive solution designed to reduce loneliness and promote healthier, happier living. Our caregivers are selected based on their alignment with the preferences and needs of your loved ones, ensuring meaningful social interactions. They also provide critical emotional support, lively discussions, enjoyable recreational activities, and participate in social events. Reach out to us to learn more about our commitment to improving the quality of life for seniors in our community.

Rejuvenating Respite Care in Acworth

At A1 Active Care, we understand the challenges of caregiving and the necessity of maintaining a balance in life. Our Respite Care in Acworth offers family caregivers a chance to rejuvenate, helping to stave off caregiver fatigue. With a customized approach to care, we ensure a seamless transition during your absence, offering services that include personal care, companionship, home management, and professional nursing. Let us share your caregiving journey, offering support and ensuring the wellness of your loved one in your absence.

Skilled Nursing Care in Acworth

Providing Skilled Nursing Care in Acworth, our competent registered and licensed practical nurses cater to various medical needs, from medication management and wound care to monitoring vital signs. Our care plans are custom designed to meet specific client needs and to provide comprehensive care by collaborating with your healthcare providers. Contact us today for our exceptional, empathetic nursing services right in the comfort of your loved one’s home.

Medicaid Waiver Programs in Acworth

As a trusted provider of Medicaid waiver programs in Acworth, A1 Active Care offers premium, personalized care under the CCSP, SOURCE, and SFC Medicaid waiver programs. We aim to boost the quality of life for our clients in their homes, collaborating with you to devise care plans that suit your specific needs. You can rely on our vetted and continuously trained caregivers, who are ready to provide excellent care under various programs, including the Veterans Spouses programs. Trust us to enhance your home care experience.

At A1 Active Care Acworth, GA, we cherish the privacy, respect, and dignity of those under our care. We invite you to learn more about how we can support you or your loved ones with our extensive range of services. Contact us today for more information about our dedicated elderly care in Acworth, GA.